Spirit Animal.

New blog post about a little buddy I found.

I don’t think I’m going to be posting here anymore, I’m switching back to blogspot.

Follow me if ya got one and let me know so I can follow you!


Cuddling her bears! <3


Sometimes you have to be the one to tell yourself you’re overreacting instead of waiting for someone else to tell you. There are actual people out there that care enough to be honest with you. You have to trust yourself and you have to trust others.

Sometimes we play hide n seek.

Completed my first paper for english, some of my math homework, and all of my wine. Frenchy is being extra lovey and Kyle likes my ghostie socks because they’re lime green and obviously rad af.

Got Marbles these kitty pajamas but she’s too cool to wear them apparently so we tried it on Frenchy and they just ended up sliding off of her…womp.

She’ll follow me in the bathroom and wait for me to turn on the faucet and then she’ll lie down and play and stare at the water go down the drain. I don’t know why this tickles my heart but it does because she’s cute.

Keep telling yourself,

it’s just a game.



Please be my little munchkin ball of fur again!


Hell nope.

She was soo helpless, agghh.

It’s been a year since I brought Marbles home! She’s grown soo much and it makes me cryyyy!!!

Marbles and Frenchy dancing to the beat of their own drum.

First day of classes ruled! So far I like my teachers and Marcella, my cousins ex girlfriend, is in my math class which is so relieving too because now I don’t feel so alone. Yes. Today was rainy and overcast and that was refreshing since it’s finally Fall, fuck yes! Tomorrow I’m getting my books and I feel so excited to delve into learning and doing homework! Aggh! I’m just so excited it’s finally here! All the anticipation of waiting for school to start and it’s finally freakin here! Kyle made me pour myself a glass of wine to my first day of school and now he’s making his amazing meatloaf and I’m so excited to eat! Also, he downloaded Trick R Treat and we’re gonna watch finally tonight! YAAASS!! Agh today is a grand DAY!

Halloween cuties.